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To our togetherness setting us apart

Temecula Valley is a wine-plus spirited destination inspired by the vine with several distinct pillars: Southern California Wine Country, outdoor recreation and entertainment, small-town atmosphere, an evolving culinary scene, and its community of Makers. The destination is made up of curious mavericks, a behind-the-scenes tour reveals the source of their contagious energy. Visitors are intrigued by these accomplished and passionate people. It’s how they work together in the fields, tanks, and kitchens that are setting them apart.

It doesn’t take long for visitors to unwind and relax. The genuine welcome that is felt is endearing to travelers when they discover this unexpected gem and it always leaves them with a hope to return. Three to five days gives enough time to fill up on discoveries.

Top 10 Things To Do

Experiences to add to your bucket list before your next getaway

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Summer Cocktails

Refreshing cocktails in collaboration with Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants

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Summer in Temecula

Longer days mean that much more to savor in Temecula Valley

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