Pet-Friendly Hotels & Motels In Southern California

Bringing man’s best friend on vacation doesn’t have to be a challenge. Temecula Valley hotels and resorts pride themselves on offering the best-in-class services and amenities for pet-friendly travel. From luxurious pet beds and doggy check-ins to in-room treats and room service menus tailored to Fido and friends, explore the pet-friendly hotel options in the Temecula Valley that allow you to sit and stay in comfort while on vacation. You don't have to leave your pets at home when visiting our Pet-Friendly Temecula Hotels.  Check out the hotels below that offer pet-friendly accommodations.  Policies vary by property, so please check with the individual hotel to see if it suits your needs.  We look forward to seeing you (and your pets) in Temecula!

  • f you have plans to travel with a pet or service animal, preparation is key. New research indicates that the majority (54 percent) of dog and cat owners plan to travel with their pet in the next year. As the numbers continue to rise, hotels and restaurants are re-evaluating policies and welcoming travelers with four-legged friends. 

    Here in the Temecula Valley, we love pets! There are several pet-friendly hotels and resorts that offer services and amenities for furry friends including luxurious pet beds, in-room treats, and even room service menus. Many merchants in Old Town and throughout the greater Temecula Valley offer water bowls and treats.  

    Even though there are more pet-friendly accommodations than ever before, pet owners should be aware that some businesses do not allow them. If Fido bites a customer on restaurant or hotel property, the business could be liable. 

    That said, taking pets on the road is becoming more common these days. Here are five tips to help ensure a smooth trip and easy transition for you and your pet. 

    1. Create a packing list. Before you leave, make a list with every item your pet will need: safety seat, travel crate or harness, bowls, food, medications, water, toys, leash, poop bags, pet bed, etc. Keep all pet items in one backpack or tote for easy access. Speak with your veterinarian if your pet is prone to anxiety and ask for advice. 

    1. Check pet policies. When booking a flight, it’s critical to ask about pet policies. The same is true for hotels or rentals. Ask for a room on ground level and find out about extra pet fees. Many hotels charge more, and some charge extra cleaning fees. Ask about safe walking accommodations in case your pet needs to go out during the night. 

    1. Call ahead when booking meals or experiences. If you plan to visit a restaurant or winery, contact the business first and ask about pet policies. Do not bring your pet and assume it is OK without asking. It will be easier for everyone involved if you know in advance. Keep in mind that some businesses cannot allow pets because of insurance issues, and not because they do not like animals. BringFido and DogTrekker offer information and tips, as well. 

    1. Research Doggy Day Care at your destination. Most hotels and Short-Term Rentals do not allow pets left alone in the room, so you may need to cancel that day-long tour or order carryout vs. having dinner at that great restaurant on your list. Do your homework ahead of time and research doggy day care options at your destination or ask the concierge for assistance. This way, you can drop off your pet and enjoy yourself without worrying about whether they are distressed or barking and disturbing other guests. 

    1. Give your pet extra attention. Remember, your pet is on vacation, too! Bring extra and unexpected treats or toys to alleviate anxiety and boredom. Find a local dog park or walking path that your pet will enjoy. Make sure they get enough exercise and water. Pets need regular bathroom breaks and time to stretch their legs, just like you do. A walk and a good sniff go a long way, along with extra love and attention from you. 

    If you have questions or concerns, or if you’re looking for assistance as you plan a trip to Temecula Valley, go here for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Southern California Wine Country!