This summer, Temecula Valley invites you to dive into a world of unique flavors with our exciting Summer Cocktails campaign. Running from June through August, this special event showcases the creativity and community spirit of Temecula’s vibrant drink scene. Each cocktail, crafted in collaboration with Old Town Spice & Tea Merchant, features a signature ingredient, adding a local twist to your summer sipping experience.

 A Refreshing Take on Summer

The Summer Cocktails campaign is not just about enjoying delicious drinks; it's a full seasonal celebration that encourages exploration and enjoyment across various local venues. Participating locations throughout Temecula Valley will be offering specialty cocktails designed to highlight a unique ingredient from Old Town Spice & Tea Merchant. This collaboration aims to fuse the artisanal flavors of Temecula’s renowned spice and tea provider with the innovative mixology the region is known for.

Our collaboration with Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants adds a dash of magic to each cocktail. Their unique ingredients like infused sea salts, exotic spices, and flavor-infused sugars- elevate our summer libations. Be sure to visit their charming shop in Old Town Temecula. You can even purchase your favorite cocktail blend packets and become your mixologist.

How It Works

Digital Pass: To enhance your experience, the Summer Cocktails campaign features a digital pass. This pass is your gateway to discovering all the participating venues and their exclusive cocktail creations.

Collect Points: Each time you purchase a specialty cocktail at a participating location, you’ll use your digital pass to check in and collect points. These points will accumulate throughout the campaign.

Redeem Prizes: As your points build up, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem them for a variety of prizes. These rewards are designed to enhance your Temecula Valley experience, offering everything from dining discounts to exclusive merchandise.

Participating Locations

A variety of venues across Temecula Valley are participating in the Summer Cocktails campaign. Each location promises a unique setting and a distinctive cocktail that incorporates specially selected ingredients from Old Town Spice & Tea Merchant. Whether you’re enjoying a drink in Old Town, a lively restaurant, or a scenic winery, you’ll find each cocktail reflects the rich culinary landscape of our region.

1909 - Hibiscus Jetsetter

Falkner Winery - Summer Buzz

Baily's Old Town - Summer Shandy

Avensole Winery - The Notorious F.I.G.

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa - Take Your Thyme

E.A.T. Marketplace - Rose Cherry Limeade Crush

Devilicious Eatery - Tunnel Vision

Apparition Room - Sunset Strolls

Espadin - Street Joy

Crush & Brew - Righteous Lover


Why You Should Participate

The Summer Cocktails campaign offers a unique opportunity to explore Temecula Valley’s culinary and mixology scene. It’s a chance to:

  • Support local businesses by visiting participating bars, restaurants, and wineries.
  • Enjoy innovative cocktails that are available only for a limited time.
  • Participate in a fun and rewarding activity through the digital pass and points system.


Mark Your Calendars

Prepare to embark on a flavorful journey this summer with Temecula Valley’s Summer Cocktails campaign. It’s the perfect way to explore the area, enjoy unique drinks, and celebrate the season with friends and family. Don’t miss out on this blend of local flavors and fun festivities—make sure to mark your calendar for June through August and be part of this special event.

For more information on the Summer Cocktails campaign, how to obtain your digital pass, and details on all participating locations, visit the Summer Cocktails page for more info. Join us in celebrating summer in Temecula Valley style!

Cheers to a flavorful summer!