Your Ultimate Guide to One-of-a-kind Group Activities 

Leading the way for a fun and creative meeting experience, Temecula Valley is quickly becoming a top destination for groups to connect and inspire new ideas. The surprising amount and unique variety of team activities to the area are a big part of what drives a successful meeting, convention or event. This is exactly why we’ve put together the ultimate guide for one-of-a-kind group activities to consider for your next meeting.

Unforgettable Team-Building Experiences

Olive Oil

There are countless ways to engage with your team in Temecula, whether it comes from exhilarating adventures, historic outings or decompressing during an outdoor yoga class, the options are endless.

Of course, a great place to start is in the vineyards, where your group can roll up their pant legs and take part in the timeless tradition of grape stomping during the harvest season. Wine blending lab experiences and wine tours are other options available at many of the wineries year-round that provide an educational experience your attendees will absolutely love! Another flavorsome option to consider is an olive oil tasting and tour at the Temecula Olive Oil Company where your group can experience California's premier grower of fresh-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

Temecula Valley isn’t just known for its world-class wineries and vineyards though, so for a change of pace during your stay, check out a few of the fantastic distilleries that call Temecula home. At Galway Spirits, you and your team can learn all about making your own spirits while also taking home your own craft bottle during a Distillers Workshop Experience.

Outdoor Adventures That Inspire

Hot Air Balloon Group

After some time spent inside the boardroom, it’s time to get out and take in the fresh mountain air that will make you fall in love with Temecula Valley.

A yoga session among the vineyards is an excellent activity to include during your team building itinerary. South Coast, Lorimar and many other wineries offer fantastic classes right in their respected vineyards. These classes promote wellness and relaxation elements that are a crucial part of bringing the team together and is perfect for getting in touch with the beautiful nature that surrounds Temecula.

For the ultimate in scenic outings, we recommend taking things to new heights with a hot-air balloon ride, where groups will take flight over the rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards of Temecula Valley. Attendees can experience a panoramic view like no other with Instagram-worthy scenery available year-round. Horseback riding provided by Wine Country Trails, located at the Maurice Car'rie Winery is another option available for large groups. Riders will set out onto the trail for a guided tour experience through the vineyards and take in Temecula through a new lens, a great way to connect and a quality team-building activity for everyone.

Step into Temecula’s Storied Past

Old Town

After wrapping up a successful day of meetings, get ready to hit the town with your team to enjoy some of Temecula’s history and take a step back in time at Historic Old Town. One of Temecula’s most popular gathering spots, Old Town is comprised of a unique mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment that combines Temecula’s western past with its budding future. This hub is quickly becoming one of the most innovative culinary culture hubs with craft breweries, gastropubs and renowned chefs that are reimagining how visitors can experience Southern California.

We highly recommend breaking bread at one of the many diverse culinary experiences in Old Town where your team’s inner foodie will get a taste of Southern California that will have everyone wanting to come back for seconds. After a delicious meal, be sure to pick up a grab-and-go pastry for dessert before taking in the rustic western-era buildings, antique shops, boutiques, and quaint pubs.

With so much to see and do in Temecula Valley and plenty of options to accommodate groups of any size, you’re sure to make your next business trip successful and enjoyable for you and your attendees. From exploring the countryside, grape stomping, distillery making, or taking a ride in a hot air balloon, step outside of the box and choose Temecula for your next meeting destination.

Meeting Group Hot Air Ballooning
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