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The Haunt Ghost Tours

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Step into the heart of Old Town Temecula with The Haunt, where you become the ghost hunter. This chilling, hands-on tour weaves together eerie local lore, true crime, and ghostly encounters. Feel the rush of a real paranormal investigation as you explore the ghost-laden history of this Wild West town.

Your journey will lead you past the notorious haunted hotels and 1800's buildings, where you may sense an eerie presence lingering in the air. Feel the strange energy emanating from the ancient jail and tread softly on the grounds of a historic, hair-raising shootout.

As the night draws close, participate in a ceremony to pay respects to the spirits you've encountered, ensuring you leave with only memories, free from any ghostly attachments. The Haunt promises more than just a tour; it's an unforgettable spine-tingling adventure into the ghostly heart of Temecula. Are you ready to step into the shadows? 

    • The Haunt Ghost Tours
    Recurring weekly on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    Welcome to The Haunt, the hands-on ghost tour that provides chilling, immersive ghost hunting experiences in ...More