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Chubby Cheeks Meadery

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We are a small batch mead producer in Temecula California that's been homebrewing for years. After setting up our family roots in the Temecula Valley area, we decided to open our business here as well. Using locally harvested honey and locally grown fruits for all of our products, almost all of our vendors are local Temecula businesses. It is our mission to give back to the community we love so much!  

​We like to have fun and experiment with our meads, firmly believing that mead is so much more than just "honey wine" as it's the oldest form of alcohol known to man. Mead can be used to prominently display any flavor and truly is one of the most versatile mediums in all alcohol. Now, it is our pleasure to bring that versatility to you and all of our patrons. We hope to see you and friends in our tap room soon! 

    • Chubby Cheeks Meadery

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    • Chubby Cheeks Meadery

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