Weather in Temecula Valley

The valley's unique microclimate makes for a general year-round pattern of morning mist, warm midday sun, cooling afternoon breezes, and cooler nights. These weather factors combined with the perfect balance of great geography create an ideal environment for growing high-quality wine grapes and experiencing a variety of outdoor activities.

Although separated from the Pacific by the Santa Rosa range, the Rainbow Gap funnels the mild beach climate into the valley. Average summer highs are 85 degrees; winter lows 39 degrees. The yearly average rainfall in Temecula is approximately 14 inches, as compiled by the Rancho California Water District. 

The quality of air in Temecula Valley is consistently better than that of surrounding areas. Ocean breezes flow through the valley almost every day, sweeping away smog. In the summer, you might typically feel the gentle Pacific winds that help keep temperatures lower than what you would find in some of the surrounding areas.

Current Weather And Forecast

Temecula Valley Weather

Climate And Average Temperatures

Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country enjoys welcoming weather year-round, often characterized as a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers, and cool winters with relatively low rainfall. Also significant is the valley's general weather pattern of morning mist, warm midday sun, cooling afternoon ocean breezes, and cooler nights.

Season Average Daytime High  Average Nighttime Low 
Spring (March, April, May) 74o F / 23o C  49o F / 9o C
Summer (June, July, August) 88o F / 31o C    60o F / 16o C
Autumn (September, October, November) 82o F / 28o C    52o F / 11o C
Winter (December, January, February) 68o F / 20o  C  41o F / 5o  C