Fans of Western equestrianism can enjoy rodeos, barrel racing, and cutting competitions that celebrate the rich heritage of the American West at California Ranch Company (CRC). Meanwhile, aficionados of English riding can experience the elegance of dressage, show jumping, and eventing at Galway Downs. All of these events are free to attend. Some provide VIP experiences for a fee.

Galway Downs Equestrian Spectator Events


Eventing is an English style riding competition that combines dressage, show jumping, and cross country. These are multiple day events held at Galway Downs.

Galway Downs


Dressage is a form or horseback riding performed in exhibition and competition.  The horse and rider perform in harmony and are judged on a set of movements. 

Galway Downs Equestrian Jumping

Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a competitive sport in which horse and rider are required to jump a series of obstacles testing stride, tight turns, and distances while being timed. 

Galway Downs Equestrian Event

Cross Country

Cross Country is highly challenging and a test of the horse’s speed, endurance, and jumping ability through a series of obstacles on varied terrain.

CRC Ranch Barrel Racing Equestrian events

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is an event where riders compete for the best time and around three barrels.

CRC Ranch Cattle Cutting


Cutting is a competition in which a horse and rider have a set time to work cattle and keep them from returning to the herd.

California Ranch Company

Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting involves the movement of cattle on horseback and a team of up to three riders in a race against the clock.