Dry January doesn't mean dry on fun or flavor. Temecula Valley's mocktail scene is vibrant, diverse, and ready to be explored. Whether you’re participating in Dry January, prefer non-alcoholic options, or simply want to try something new, Temecula's top vibrant food and drink scene has you covered with an array of mocktails. Here are 6 places to enjoy mocktails in Temecula Valley: 

1. Relentless Brewing: For the Bold and Adventurous

Head over to Relentless Brewing, where mocktails are anything but ordinary. Try the "Pain(less) Killer" for a tropical twist or the "Grapefruit Mockscow Mule" for a zesty kick. These creatively crafted drinks are perfect for those who love bold flavors.   

2. Corbeaux Wine and Tea House: A Mocktail Lover’s Paradise 

Corbeaux Wine and Tea House offers a variety of mocktails that are as sophisticated as they are delicious. With a cozy ambiance, it's the ideal spot for a relaxing evening with friends or special someone. 

3. Goat and Vine: Where Simplicity Meets Elegance 

The "Pom Project" features a pomegranate and pineapple fusion while "Orange Blossom Spritz" offers a citrus escape– both refreshing choices that showcase the art of non-alcoholic mixology. 

4. 1909: Mocktails with a Twist 

Old Town Temecula’s 1909 shakes things up with their mocktails "I Beg Your Garden" and "Like a Virgin." These imaginative drinks offer a unique taste experience, from watermelon and mint to citrus and pineapple (your taste buds will thank you!) 

5. Be Good Restaurant and Experience: A Trio of Temptations 

For those seeking variety, Be Good Restaurant and Experience serves up three distinct mocktails: "Very Berry Good," "Two To Mango," and "Lemon Twists." Each drink offers a burst of flavor, making them perfect for the ever-sunny Temecula afternoon or a fun evening out. 

6. Mount Palomar Winery: Refreshing Sips with a View 

Enjoy stunning vineyard and lake views at Mount Palomar while sipping on one of their three mocktails: "Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade," "Virgin Mojito," or "Virgin Blood Orange Margarita." These drinks provide a refreshing complement to the picturesque scenery. 

Though Temecula Valley is often regarded as a top wine destination, there is absolutely more to see and indulge in. Whether you're a local or visiting, these mocktails offer a fun and flavorful way to enjoy the region's culinary delights without alcohol. So why not make a day (or evening) of it and explore all that Temecula Valley has to offer? 

Cheers to a month of delicious discoveries! 

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