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7 Underrated Destinations In California To Avoid Summer Crowds

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 1:00 PM

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 July 3 2023 in Places

Sure, California is no secret getaway for Americans during the glorious summer months, but how pleasurable can it really be with sweaty bodies all around you on crowded beaches and lines to the popular attractions? Avoid the tourist traps and venture into the Golden State's less popular, overshadowed, or hidden places to find seclusion and even more adventures for every taste and group's best summertime experiences. These seven underrated destinations are full of opportunities to seize every moment of your getaway, where you will really relax and feel refreshed one-on-one with nature. Enjoy easy access and low crowds on your best real escape in a long time to recharge for the game of life and work as your mid-summer or concluding the season hoorah.


Find Temecula, a hidden gem in California, along the Temecula Valley Wine Trail. The charming town in the Inland Empire is one of the coolest and most underrated destinations in the state, with many explorations around. With the pricey and crowded Napa Valley usually making the headlines, Temecula, the underdog, is just right for sharing a few glasses each evening in close company and stocking up on quality bottles to share and enjoy back home. Browse through Temecula's over forty wineries in the immediate area for memories of a myriad of tasting opportunities and epicurean experiences, along with the most picturesque landscapes to wander in between.

The lush vineyards stay crowdless throughout the summer, so roam away or enjoy serene solitude under the sun over one-on-one time with wine and nature. Enjoy quick access from San Diego and Los Angeles, practically in your backyard, on a day trip or weekend getaway. The small town with a palpable Mediterranean flair offers an Italianesque countryside experience with under an hour's access to the coastline to taste the drink of the Gods. Find plentiful family-friendly activities like the interactive Pennypickle’s Workshop and the historic Temecula Valley Museum. Venture into the Old Town for historic atmosphere and sights, as well as the annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, mimicking Turkey’s Cappadocia with wine flowing as if from the sky filled with colorful balloons.