Season's Eatings

Celebrate December 1st-31st all around Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country with our special Chilled-inspired menu. This is a perfect way to kick off the holidays and get a taste of Temecula Valley's emerging culinary scene. From special cocktails to delightful desserts, you will be sure to find something unique that you love this season. Season's Eatings begins December 1!

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Participating Locations


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings 1909 Feeling Frosty  

  • Feeling Frosty: Feeling Frosty is an adult slushie featuring flavors of citrus, pineapple, and coconut, crafted with Malibu Rum and Blue Curaçao.


Aiyara Thai Cuisine Sabai Sabai Cocktail

  • Sabai Sabai Cocktail: Thai welcome cocktail with Mekhong “Spirit of Thailand”, triple sec, lime juice, club soda and Thai basil. “Sabai Sabai” is Thai word mean “Chilled & Relax”. It’s often referred to as the “Official” drink of Thailand and it’s quite fascinating. This phenomenon cocktail is exclusively served only at Aiyara Thai Cuisine.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Apparition Room Christmas Cricket  

  • Christmas Cricket: Blanco tequila, vanilla liqueur, minty amaro, coco pandan, cream, & mole bitters.


Avensole Winery Cookies & Creme Brulee

  • Cookies & Crème Brûlée: Apple cider custard/ vanilla bean/ brûléed sugar topping/ house made gingerbread cookies/ royal icing.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eating Be Good Thousand Sheet

Be Good Restaurant & Experience

  • Strawberry Cronut: Strawberry filled "cronut" (Croissant and donut) sprinkled in cinnamon sugar, topped with fresh-cut strawberries. 

  • Thousand Sheets Cake: Thousand sheets filled with custard and topped with strawberries and mint. 


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Bottega Italia Peppermint Gelato

  • Peppermint Gelato: Our Peppermint Gelato is a new flavor, perfectly launching in time for this holiday season! All of our gelatos have intense flavors due to the slow-churned speed at which it is made. Our gelato is made from the highest quality, natural ingredients and is ALL homemade! Gelato is not just a dessert - it is ingrained in our Italian roots!


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Callaway Winery Tuna  

  • Ahi Tuna Stack Dons Un Bocal​: A culinary masterpiece featuring a harmonious blend of fresh ingredients that promises to tantalize your senses. Ahi Tuna, mango, avocado, cucumber, watermelon radish, cilantro, & plum sauce dressing.


Corbeaux Wine & Tea House Mulled Wine

  • Mulled Wine: Red wine infused with teas and spices to create a warm and cozy holiday sipper.


Cougar Winery Holiday Sparkling & Truffle

  • Holiday Primitivo Truffle: Our truffle made with Primitivo wine rolled in holiday inspired sprinkles.

  • Holiday Sparkling: Our Dolce Bubbly Sparkling wine with a sprig of fresh rosemary and cranberries!


Devilicious Eatery Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings    

  • Dominic the Christmas Donkey Cocktail: A creamy and nutty cocktail reminiscent of tiramisu. Vodka, Mr. Black, Pistachio Cane Syrup, Frangelico, & Cream.



Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings E.A.T. Marketplace Gingerbread Human Pancake Stack

  • Gingerbread Human Pancake Stack: Creme Anglaise Pancakes
  • North Pole Snowman Flight: White Chocolate Matcha Latte & Match Mini Donut, OatNog Latte & Gingerbread Vanilla Mini Donut, & Peppermint Mocha Latte & Peppermint & Chocolate Mini Donut
  • Mrs. Claus Mimosa Flight: Three mimosas: Jack Frost Coconut Blues, Cranberry Rosemary, & Winter Spice


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Europa Village Jack Frost Cocktail

  • Jack Frost Cocktail: Chill out this December and indulge in a tropical holiday cocktail! Pineapple Juice, Blue Curaçao, Bacardi Light Rum, Cream of Coconut, Coconut Rim. 


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Fazeli Cellars French Loaf    

  • Holiday Fazeli French LoafFilled with sweet potato, topped with ample syrup and bruleed marshmallows.
  • Winter Brussels: Roasted Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, candied walnuts, dried cranberry and maple glaze.
  • Sausage stuffing egg roll: Comes with cranberry dipping sauce.



Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Ford and Elm Nutmeg Nightcap    

  • Nutmeg NightCap: Steamed Whole Milk, House-made chocolate syrup, Orange Bitters, Nutmeg, Optional Espresso. Indulge in the Holiday cheer with our Nutmeg Nightcap! This Delightful concoction combines the velvety richness of house -made chocolate syrup for that sweet touch, a hint of citrusy magic from Orange Bitters, all crowned with a generous dusting of freshly grated nutmeg. It's the perfect sip to enjoy on a festive day in warmth and flavor!

Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Hilton Garden Inn Pear Martini

  • A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Martini with Wild Roots Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, and Pear.
  • Temecula Christmas Burger: Double Patty, French Onion Aioli, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Brioche Bun. For a Christmas twist on this House Favorite dish; we are adding cranberry sauce to the burger to give you a trio of sweet, tart and savory flavors.


Grazing Theory Brulee Brie Bowl

  • Brulee Brie Bowl + Mini Pretzel Bites: Served with warm, salted mini Pretzel Bites is a delectable treat, expertly caramelized to create a tantalizing contrast of flavors and textures, featuring a Quinta Brie from a California Creamery (Point Reyes).
  • Charcuterie Wreath: This exquisite wreath features premium cured meats, and more. This delicious arrangement is a feast for the senses, perfect for impressing your guests at any gathering.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Leoness Cellars Bread Pudding

  • The Matterhorn: Jump on this decadent and delicious wild mountain ride of Dulce de Leche bread pudding dessert.

Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Lorimar Winery Holiday Turkey Ciabatta    

  • Holiday Turkey Ciabatta: Sliced turkey, provolone cheese, berried cranberry sauce, tomato, red onion, & arugula on homemade ciabatta bread with a side of French fries.
  • Seasonal Spinach Salad: Baby spinach, red apples, pears & mandarin oranges lightly tossed with raspberry vinaigrette, topped with dried cranberries, crumbled feta cheese & caramelized walnuts.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Mad Madelines Grill Grinch Milkshake    

  • The Grinch Milkshake: The Grinch won't be able to stop you from enjoying this shake featuring his name! Chocolate Mint Milkshake with whipped cream and cherries!

Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Monte De Oro Pretzels and Beer Cheese  

  • Pretzel Bites w/ Bacon Beer Cheese: Garlic Butter & Sea Salt


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Oak Grove Culinary Creations Chocolate Rosemary Cookies  

  • Chocolate Chip Rosemary Cookies: A holiday chocolate chip rosemary cookie blends the sweet richness of chocolate chips with the unique, earthy flavor of finely chopped rosemary, creating a delightful sweet-savory experience. Its festive appearance is often enhanced with a dusting of powdered sugar or a decorative rosemary sprig, making it a visually appealing and flavorful treat for holiday celebrations. Contains Dairy.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Oak Mountain Apple Pomegranate Salad  

  • Apple Pomegranate Salad: A homemade cider vinaigrette covered with mixed green salad mix, red onions, crisp apple slices, crunch and sweet pomegranate seeds, candy walnuts, and gorgonzola. 

Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Old Town Spice & Tea Candy Cane Tea  

  • Holiday Tea-to-Go​: Get into the holiday spirit as you shop and enjoy a hot or iced tea. Choose Candy Cane, Gingerbread Latte, or one of our many loose-leaf teas or caffeine-free blends.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings OBC  

  • Cancun Christmas: Cancun Christmas! Califino Tequila Blanco + apple brandy + cinnamon syrup + fresh lime juice + orgeat + pineapple juice.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Ponte The Cellar Christmas Cookie Cocktail  

  • Ponte Christmas Cookie Cocktail: Ponte Port, cream de cocoa, amaretto, milk, egg, cinnamon, whipped cream, sugar crystal rim. Join us at Ponte Vineyard Inn this Holiday Season and enjoy our specialty cocktails like our Ponte Christmas Cookie only available in The Cellar, Temecula Valley's premier full-service cocktail bar.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Small Barn Sea Glow Cocktail    

  • Sea Glow Cocktail: Welcome to deliciousness! A spin on the famous tropical classic, The Pina Colada. This vibrant blue cocktail features Blanco Tequila, Curacao, Spicy Bitters, Chili coconut cream, Pineapple and lime. You're sure to enjoy this libation that will make you feel like your on an island vacation in the winter months.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Swing Inn Cafe Pia Slice a la Mode    

  • Pie Slice A La Mode: Apple, Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Recipes Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Coconut Cream pies served A La Mode. Since 1927, we've been baking up a storm with our famous pies! They're creamy, dreamy, and served A La Mode! We've got all your favorite pies ready to make your days sweeter. Whether it's our classic pumpkin or a slice of something new, we're serving up joy one pie at a time.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Texas Lil's Apple Cinnamon Margarita  

  • Lil's Apple Cinnamon Margarita: Lalo Blanco Tequila, Cinnamon & Sugar Rim, Angry Orcharcd Apple Hard Cider & Agave Nectar. Garnished with an apple stick and anise star.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Toast Yeti-tini  

  • Yeti-tini​: This vibrant and joyful cocktail offers the nostalgic flavors of your favorite childhood, complemented by subtle citrus notes.


Temecula Chilled Season's Eatings Wilson Creek Winery Pumpkin Tiramisu  

  • Pumpkin Tiramisu: Coffee soaked lady fingers with sweet pumpkin mascarpone topped with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.