12th Annual Temecula Valley Xenia Hospitality Awards 

The Xenia Hospitality awards are presented by Visit Temecula Valley (VTV) and are awarded to tourism businesses and individuals who have displayed exemplary hospitality and service to our visitors and community members. The awards were named from the Greek word "Xenia", which is defined as the concept of hospitality, or generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home.

VTV is a membership-based organization, but recipients of the Xenia Awards are not required to be VTV members. VTV members in good standing may nominate a member or nonmember, individual or themselves for the awards. The Welty Award for Tourism Professional of the Year will be presented at the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce's Annual Gala in March and the seven (7) additional awards are presented at the Xenia Hospitality Award luncheon in April.

2022 Xenia Award Nominees

  • Welty Award For Tourism Professional of the Year 

    Bill Wilson - Wilson Creek Winery
    Damian Doffo - Doffo Winery
    Patricia O'Brien - Danza del Sol Winery
    Alex & Charity Prestifilippo - Gourmet Italia
    Luis Gonzalez - Temecula Life
    John & Kim Kelliher - Grapeline Wine Tours
    John Goldsmith - Europa Village Wineries & Resort

    Hospitality Award 

    Sidecar Tours Inc.
    Danza del Sol Winery
    Doffo Winery
    Avensole Winery
    Temecula Valle Balloon & Wine Festival
    Peltzer Farm & Winery
    Oak Mountain Winery
    Barefoot Vacation Rentals
    Falkner Winery
    Galway Downs Equestrian Center
    The Goat & Vine
    Grazing Theory
    E.A.T. Marketplace

    Ambassador Award 

    Luis Gonzalez - Temecula Life
    Brandie Newman - Temecula Stampede
    Walter Carter - Danza del Sol Winery
    John Kelliher - Grapeline Wine Tours
    Jaime Castellanos - Bluewater Grill Temecula
    Mary Gehrman - Temecula Life App
    Sara Crapes - Masia de la Vinya Winery

    The Golden Tap Brewery of the Year 

    Kevin Dyer-Black Market Brewing
    Ironfire Brewing Company

    Champion Culinary Award 

    Chef Matt Steffen - Cork|Fire Kitchen
    Gourmet Italia
    Chef Hany Ali - Europa Village Wineries & Resort
    Chris Chang - YouandI Sushi
    Chef Albert Park - South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
    Chef Taylor Israelsen- Avensole Winery
    Bluewater Grill Restaurant
    Alex Prestifilippo
    Chef Darnice Calhoun - E.A.T. Marketplace
    Oak Grove Culinary Creations

    Social Media Award 

    Temecula Life
    Cable Car Wine Tours
    Falkner Winery
    Doffo Winery
    City of Temecula: Community Services Department
    Avensole Winery
    A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure
    Europa Village Wineries & Resort
    Peltzer Farm & Winery
    Grazing Theory
    JDS Creative Academy

    Cilurzo Award for Winery of the Year 

    Peltzer Winery
    Bottaia Winery
    Wilson Creek Winery

Spotlight on Service Recipients

  • Mandi Kramer - Public House
    Hanna Mill - Staples 79 S.
    Aspen Snider - Crush & Brew
    Lester Sunga - Crush & Brew
    Selena Flint - Small Barn Old Town
    Brittany Russell - Be Good Restaurant & Experience
    Jeff Beck - Be Good Restaurant & Experience
    Zachary Laufer - Bolero at Europa Village
    Cathy Hitz - Wilson Creek Winery
    Arian Kemp - 1882 Cantina (Pechanga)
    Kalie Sauceda - Lazy Dog Café
    Ramon Ascencio - Journey's End Restaurant (Pechanga)
    Jake Cruz - The Customer Service Experts (Promenade Express - Train)
    Sharon Bonham - A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure
    Angela Vredenburg - The Goat & Vine

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