Temecula Valley Xenia Hospitality Awards 

The Xenia Hospitality awards are presented by Visit Temecula Valley (VTV) and are awarded to tourism businesses and individuals who have displayed exemplary hospitality and service to our visitors and community members. The awards were named from the Greek word "Xenia," which is defined as the concept of hospitality, or generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home.

VTV is a membership-based organization, but recipients of the Xenia Awards are not required to be VTV members. VTV members in good standing may nominate a member or nonmember, individual or themselves for the awards. The Welty Award for Tourism Professional of the Year is presented at the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce's Annual Gala in February and the six (6) additional awards are presented at the Xenia Hospitality Award luncheon in March.

We want to thank everyone who attended our live virtual zoom event on Tuesday, July 21, 2020! You can see winners for each category by clicking the button below! Congrats to all of the winners! 

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Selection Process

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