Film Incentives

The California Film & Television Tax Credit Program was enacted in February 2009 as part of a targeted economic stimulus package to increase production spending, 
jobs and tax revenues in California. The Program has just commenced its 4th fiscal year.

State of California Incentives

    (Eligible for 20% Tax Credit):

    Feature Films ($1 million minimum - $75 million maximum production budget)

    Movies of the Week or Miniseries ($500,000 minimum production budget)

    New television series licensed for original distribution on basic cable ($1 million minimum budget; one-half hour shows and other exclusions apply)

(Eligible for 25% Tax Credit):

A television series, without regard to episode length, that filmed all of its prior seasons outside of California.

An "independent film" ($1 million total production budget - $10 million qualified expenditure budget that is produced by a company that is not publicly traded and that publicly traded companies do not own more that 25% of the producing company.)Approved 20-25% tax credit applied with a minimum budget of %1 million.  In addition to independent films meeting requirements provided by the state.

County of Riverside Incentives:

  • Filming Permit Fee (Motion & Stills) - NO CHARGE
  • Filming Permit Process Fee (Motion & Stills)- NO CHARGE 
  • Filming Application Fee (Motion & Stills) - NO CHARGE 

  • Permit Rider, if requested (Motion & Stills) - NO CHARGE  

  • Business License - Not Required

  • Facility Costs Waived for Projects Lasting Ten Days or Less

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