The Golden Tap Brewery of the Year Nominee Application

The Golden Tap Brewery of the Year recognizes Brewers, Distillers, breweries, or distilleries who produce great beer or spirits, exhibits exceptional guest service, builds strong local partnerships, and provides industry education to local visitors and residents. Please click here to review the award rules, process and standards closely before completing this application.    

The deadline to respond to this nomination by submitting your responses below is Sunday, August 1, 2021.  Any application received after this deadline will be disqualified.  

Answers to each of the questions should include only involvement within the years 2020-2021.  Please read all questions before you answer them and limit your responses to 100 words or less.  

General Information

Question 1

Describe the contributions that you have made in the Temecula Valley hospitality and tourism industry in the year of 2020-2021  (limit 100 words): 

Question 2

How have your activities enhanced the economic viability of the Temecula Valley hospitality and tourism industry in 2020-2021 (limit 100 words): 

Question 3

a) How has your organization routinely offered exceptional guest experience through your quality of beers or spirits, superb guest service, events and beers or spirits education; and

b) How is your organization actively involved in the community through philanthropic activities (limit 100 words): 

Question 4

Please submit your narrative describing how you best meet the criteria for The Golden Tap Brewery of the Year. (No word limit)

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