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Wiens Brewing

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Founded in 2012, Wiens Brewing Company brought to reality the family dream of opening and operating a Brewery. The deep-rooted passion for creating and enjoying great Beer kept the dream alive for over 20 years. The success of the Family Winery lead to the opening of the Brewery, bringing the dream to reality.

We are committed to creating the most amazing, high quality Beers possible. Our love of great Beer guides us in ensuring our products and service are the best, and that we can continue to make them even better.

At Wiens Brewing our Beers go through a few different phases in order to decide what we place onto a larger production calendar. Whether it's a pilot brew that gains traction in our taproom room, a seasonal that we release once a year, a Beer we decide to push out to all markets, or a limited batch for our barrel programs. We do our best to make sure we're always bringing the highest quality beer possible to our customers, whether it's only available locally, on draught, or in all packaging sizes.