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Craft Brewing Company

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Craft Brewing Company originally started with four home brewers that shared the same passion of brewing great beer. Craft Brewing Company broke ground in 2009 and open its doors in March of 2010. Where the partners were brewing off their home brew systems before acquiring a 20bbl brewhouse to ramp up production. As the years had passed, the partners went their separate ways, and it wasn’t until May of 2017 where Kirk, one of the original partners, and his two sons Kirk Robert and Nick took over the brewery as a family. Since then, they continue brewing the beer everyone enjoys, growing the brewery with new ideas and brews, and keeping it true to the Craft as a family-owned company. Craft Brewing Company strives to push forward in this competitive industry with sticking to what they know and love which is making great beer. So please, grab a beer, support your local brewery, and join the Craft family. Cheers!