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Old Temecula Ghost Tour

  • Old Town Temecula & Vail Headquarters
  • 28522 Old Town Front Street, Temecula, CA 92590
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The nightly Ghost Tour shares stories of true crimes of years past that still resonate today.  You will hear detailed accountings of incidents that have left their spiritual imprint as you search for the unknown in Old Town Temecula or Vail Headquarters.


Each tour is led by a local historian and paranormal researcher who has lived in Temecula for 30+ years and has been providing tours since 2008.  Your guide has been featured in the Press-Enterprise and San Diego Tribune newspapers as well as appearing on A&E Biography's My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera.


This tour is as real as it gets.  Audio recordings along with photographic evidence is shared on each tour.  Historic photographs provide insight into Temecula's unusual history, identifying historic buildings and their connection to Temecula's ghostly past.  The free use of an EMF meter is available upon request.



Old Temecula Ghost Tour
  • Location: Old Town Temecula & Vail Headquarters
  • Address: 28522 Old Town Front Street