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"A Lil' Retrospective" Art Show

  • March 2, 2019
  • 42081 3rd Street, Unit A, Temecula, CA 92590
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Grab a brew and have a view of "A Lil' Retrospective" Art Show with works by the Creep at the Old Town Outpost Saturday, March 2nd!

A message from the artist:

Hi, I’m The Creep. So I’m here to explain myself. I’ve been at this fine art thing since the early 2000’s, but really, earlier than that. I’ve been actively showing in art galleries across the U.S. for some time now and so with this “Lil Retrospective” I’m gonna show you just a samplin’ of my works though out the years. Will they offend you? Some might. Will they bring a smile to your face? Some could. Will they bring about social change? Probably not. But if they make you feel or think about any goddamn thing, then my job as an artist is done. I’m teaming up with my favorite brewery on the planet, Ironfire Brew. Co., to showcase past works AND brew a beer featuring my favorite beer guzzlin’ creation, Lushy the Liver. So, please enjoy a pint while getting some culture courtesy of this creep.


About the Creep:

Spawned from the depths of the Inland Empire, in between two beautifully toxic bodies of water (Lake Elsinore and the Salton Sea), I grew up a cartoon & horror movie junkie and all-around fan of the stranger things in life…and my work reflects that.
With no art schooling beyond my high school career, I decided to go the “lone wolf” outsider artist route. So here I am today, a vigilante lowbrow artist on a mission from God... or Satan.
I can’t remember.
If you like the Munsters, rock & roll, rat rods, 50s & 60s camp and just generally F’d up things, then enjoy.

"A Lil' Retrospective" Art Show
  • Location: Ironfire Brewing Company
  • Address: 42081 3rd Street, Unit A