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Wilson Creek Winery Introduces Sparkling Sangria, a One of a Kind Sparkling Wine

Sunday, February 24, 2013 9:00 PM

Designed for a broad range of pallets, Wilson Creek Sparkling Sangria features a taste medley straight from the Southern Mediterranean with a fresh nose of lemon, lime and orange zest, and a smooth finish of ripe red berries, cranberry, pomegranate and a hint of blood orange.

"We like to say there is a celebration in every bottle of Wilson Creek sparkling wines, but this new offering is a wine that you can serve anytime," says Bill Wilson, President and CEO at Wilson Creek Winery.  "It's a refreshing sparkling wine that will appeal to your everyday wine lover, as well as those connoisseurs with more refined tastes.  It's definitely one of a kind."

Sparkling Sangria is fermented naturally and leans toward the cuvee style of champagnes.  Like its cousins, Peach Bellini, Orange Mimosa and quot;Oh My Gosh" Almond Champagne, Wilson Creek Sparkling Sangria delivers a unique blend of tastes in a classic champagne style wine.

With more than a decade of producing widely acclaimed sparkling wines, Wilson Creek has perfected the art of bringing something a little different to the table.  Wilson Creek Almond Champagne has been a top seller across the United States and according to Neilson Ratings, Wilson Creek Almond Champagne has ranked number three sparkling wine in Southern California Grocery Stores.

"We are very proud of all our wines, but the sparkling wines seem to strike a note with people that sets us apart," says Wilson.  "We really didn't plan it that way, it started as a fun thing to try, and it worked.  Today, sparkling wines are part of our culture here at the winery, and we are very pleased with this newest offering."

Wilson Creek Sparkling Sangria is available now at the winery, and will soon be on shelves across the country.  You can order it by the bottle or case at  Contact 951.699.9463 for commercial ordering information.