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Visit Temecula Valley Presents an Insiders’ Guide to an Irresistible Breakfast in Temecula Valley

Thursday, April 28, 2016 9:00 PM


More than one million visitors stay in Temecula Valley each year, enjoying its beautiful wine country, charming Old Town, and four-diamond Pechanga Resort & Casino. Guests wake up to sunshine, hot air balloons floating above, and the smell of French toast on a buttery grill. Visit Temecula Valley invites overnight guests to indulge in Temecula Valley's irresistible French toast creations at three privately owned restaurants. Each chef has his own take on the menu item and combines its special ingredients into a signature, mouth-watering presentation.

Cork|Fire Kitchen, located at Temecula Creek Inn, offers Grand Marnier French Toast. Chef Darrell MacNeill dips thick-cut brioche into a Grand Marnier orange liqueur batter for a citrus twist. He grills it with liquid butter then tops it with homemade honey butter and dusts the stack with powder sugar. It's a sweet, citrus delight, especially when topped with their maple syrup.

1909, located in Old Town Temecula, offers three takes on French toast by Chef Juan Hernandez. Insider's tip: order more than one and share with your family or friends to try them all. The Banana Kahlua is thick-sliced fresh-baked brioche dipped in egg batter then grilled. When lightly browned, it's stacked on the plate, sprinkled with banana slices and topped with Kahlua whipped cream and cocoa powder. Mascarpone Stuffed, a favorite, includes mascarpone cheese sandwiched between two slices of brioche and topped with maple brandy apples and powder sugar. Best-selling 1909 French Toast is topped with poached berries, cinnamon nutmeg whipped cream and cayenne powder sugar.

Just down the way in Old Town, visitors can find Laurent's Le Coffee Shop. In this hidden treasure, chef Laurent Triqueneaux quietly creates his authentic version of French toast, just the way his grandmother taught him as a child in France. First, he crushes day-old homemade croissant rolls, then, he soaks the pieces overnight in cream, eggs, cinnamon, sliced almonds, cranberries and other ingredients. The next day, he ladles it into a saucepan, delicately stirring while its browning then pats it gently into one piece and flips it with flare. As he slides it on the plate, he tops it with his own homegrown berries and sprinkles it with powder sugar.

Each chef offers his own, delicious French toast rendition that gives Temecula Valley visitors a great start to their unforgettable day relaxing, exploring and indulging in all that Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country has to offer.

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