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Visit Temecula Valley Announces Temecula Hotel Tourism Improvement District’s New 5-Year Renewal

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:00 PM

Temecula, California, February 18, 2015: Established in 2005 and co-host to the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country branding platform since 2008, the Temecula Hotel Tourism Improvement District (T.I.D.) achieved a new five-year renewal of the district (rather than year-to-year). The district's 15 hotel partners shared unanimous consensus for the 5-year assessment district effective March 1, 2015 for 2015 through 2020. Subsequently on February 10, City of Temecula Mayor Jeff Comerchero and the City Council unanimously approved the new, five-year term for the district.  The T.I.D. is projected to yield $1.5 million annually and $7.5 million over the next 5 years for strategic marketing and tourism campaigns managed by Visit Temecula Valley.

"All of us in the hotel and hospitality industry are very pleased to have five-year funding in place," explained Tom DeMott, Chairman of the Visit Temecula Valley executive board of directors and General Manager, Temecula Creek Inn Resort. "Previously we were restrained by only being able to work in one-year timeframes. Now this five-year renewal allows us to plan and implement longer-range promotional initiatives that will help our community and Temecula Valley tourism grow."

"We are very grateful to Mayor Comerchero and the City Council for all their support and assistance over the past 10 years, and their facilitating this five-year renewal plan that grants us long-term stability," DeMott said.

Ken Westmyer, Chairman of the Temecula Hotel Tourism Improvement District advisory board and General Manager, Quality Inn Temecula Valley Wine Country spoke before the Temecula City Council to request support and approval of the five-year renewal of the assessment district. Westmyer spoke on behalf of the 15 hotel properties that span from Uptown Temecula along Jefferson Avenue, at Rancho California Road, south to Old Town Temecula and beyond to beside the Rainbow Gap.

"As one of the top industries in Temecula, we accommodated over 1.1 million guests in our hotels in 2014. We will continue to work diligently to keep our customers visiting and to offer great reasons to stay longer," Westmyer told the Council.

Westmyer's statements emphasized significant economic factors. While visitors on day trips to Temecula Valley (traveling more than 50 miles from their homes) on average spend $132 per day locally, each visitor staying overnight at a resort, hotel or motel spends $250 per day locally with an average spending of $499 per person per overnight trip. Increasing guests' average length of stay positively impacts the local economy.

Consistent with Tourism Improvement District best practices surveyed for Visit California, the Temecula T.I.D. assessment calculation is a simple 4% levy of hotel room rates paid by lodging guests. These marketing assessment fees - rather than taxpayer money - are used to market the region.

"We will continue to develop very strategic and targeted campaigns while leveraging new media opportunities, social media, online, print, broadcast, and product integration," Westmyer explained in outlining the intentions of tourism marketing efforts.

"The close collaboration of the Tourism Improvement District hotel partners and Visit Temecula Valley has reaped success for the past 10 years," DeMott emphasized. "We look forward to greater achievements in the years to come."
A measure of the success of the Temecula T.I.D. is travel spending that is revenue generated directly into the local economy by non-resident, overnight travelers and visitors. The most recent results reflect a record $651 million that helps to sustain a broad spectrum of Temecula businesses and nearly 6,900 jobs (with earnings of $195.6 million), and is a catalyst for economic opportunity. Of the $651 million local revenue, $244 million was spent for arts, entertainment, and recreation; and $111 million for restaurant dining, while the Temecula hotel industry generated over $54 million in lodging revenue.

There are currently more than 60 tourism marketing and business improvement districts throughout California. Destinations include gateway cities like Los Angeles, and San Francisco; regions like Napa Valley, Marin, Mendocino, Sacramento, San Jose, Paso Robles, and the Santa Ynez Valley; and icons like Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, and in Riverside County, Greater Palm Springs; and many more tourism districts. In an increasingly competitive tourism and leisure travel market, the Temecula Tourism Improvement District enables the Temecula hotel and hospitality industry to be noticed, have impact, and generate local tourism.

The Temecula T.I.D. is the primary source (87%) of funding for Visit Temecula Valley, the region's official tourism marketing organization and resource for visitors. Visit Temecula Valley is online including a complete daily Events Calendar at; "Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country on Facebook; and @Visit_Temecula on Twitter. The Temecula Valley Visitors Center is located in Downtown, Old Town Temecula (Third Street and Mercedes) adjacent the Old Town Temecula Parking Garage. For visitor information and assistance, please call 888/363-2852 or 951/491-6085.

*Information is believed accurate but may be subject to change.



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