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Stars confirmed for April’s ‘Fun for Funds’ Reality Rally event

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 9:00 PM

TEMECULA - Last week, Reality Rally, led by reality television show personality Gillian Larson ("Survivor: Gabon"), announced the list of stars confirmed to attend the event slated for April 10-11 in Temecula, CA. In order to qualify to be part of the event, each of the stars were required to raise $500, and many of them have eclipsed that mark and are continuing to raise funds.

Fans can continue to donate to each individual stars' cause by visiting 2015 Reality Rally Star Line Up page and click on the donate link next to each name.

All of the funds, raised by the stars and donated by friends and fans, along with the majority of the funds raised by the two-day event, will benefit Michelle's Place, Breast Cancer Resource Center. Established by her family after 26-year-old Michelle Watson was killed by breast cancer, the family embarked on a mission of service to make it better for others touched by this unrelenting disease. The result is a place where others can get the help they need during a most trying and challenging fight for their lives. For more information on Michelle's Place, visit Michelle's Place website.

Reality Rally itself is a fun weekend of fundraising parties, an "Amazing Race" style game on the streets of Old Town Temecula, and the first-ever Reality Rally festival which will include a Celebrity Chefs Showcase.

Summarized schedule:

● The event kicks off with the Red Carpet Celebrity Parade of Stars and Feeling Lucky Casino Fundraiser at 5 p.m. Friday night at Wilson Creek Winery where ticket holders can mingle with the celebrities, enjoy hor d'oeuvres, and participate in the casino night fun.
● At 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning, teams comprising of three members of the public and one reality star will converge on the steps of Temecula City Hall and subsequently flood onto the streets in a race to complete a series of challenges at checkpoints. The public is invited to follow along with the game.
● From 4 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Temecula City Hall Square will be filled up for the Reality Rally Festival.
● The reality stars will be available for autographs at the meet and greet from 4 to 6 p.m. and autograph books are for purchase.
● Also starting at 4 p.m. is the Kidz Challenge Checkpoint Games Zone where children will have the opportunity to play a mini ‘Amazing Race' game of their own. There will be festival fun and games, sponsor booths, photo stations, birds and animals on display, live stream interviews and food and drink for purchase.
● Starting at 7 p.m., celebrity chefs (‘Hell's Kitchen,' ‘Chopped,' ‘Cutthroat Kitchen,' ‘MasterChef') will compete in the second annual Celebrity Chefs Showcase. Three chefs will pair up randomly to compete against the other teams of chefs until a winner is crowned.
● After the festival shuts down, plans are in place for post-event VIP parties at Old Town Temecula eateries, pubs and clubs where fans can experience the culinary and drink-making exploits of local establishments while again mingling with the reality stars.

For more information on Reality Rally, please visit

When: 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, Red Carpet Celebrity Parade of Stars and Feeling Lucky Casino Fundraiser (Wilson Creek Winery); 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Reality Rally Race (Temecula City Hall Square, Old Town Temecula); 4 to 9 p.m. Reality Rally Festival (Temecula City Hall Square)
Venues: Wilson Creek Winery, 35960 Rancho California Road, Temecula; Temecula City Hall Square, 41000 Main St., Temecula
Tickets: $25 (presale), $30 (door) for the Red Carpet Celebrity Parade of Stars and Feeling Lucky Casino Fundraiser at Wilson Creek Winery; $10 for Reality Rally Festival and Celebrity Chef Showcase; $1,000 Reality Rally Pass (includes admission into the game, lodging, entrance to all events and more.

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List subject to change. Visit for updated listings and to make donations to the stars' fundraising efforts.

Al Rios: The Amazing Race
Alec Beall:  Big Brother Canada
Alex Jacobs:  The Mole
Alicia Jenkins:  Botched
Amanda Colello:  Hell's Kitchen
Andrea Maue:  Cupcake Wars
Aneal Ramkissoon:  Big Brother Canada
Antoine Burton:  Capture
Arlie Shaban:  Big Brother Canada
Arlynn Ilgenfritz:  Capture
Ashley Sherman:  Hell's Kitchen
Bea Henington:  Solitary 4.0
Bergen Olson:  The Amazing Race
Billy Garcia:  Survivor Cook Islands
Bob Crowley:  Survivor Gabon
Brad Bohannan:  Bar Rescue
Brian Collins:  Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Brittany Martinez:  Big Brother
Bruce Kanegai: Survivor Panama
Bunky Miller:  Big Brother
Chef Amanda Giblin:  Hell's Kitchen
Chef Barret Beyer:  Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Casino & Cutthroat Kitchen
Chef Eddie Canlon:  Chopped
Chef Frank Bilotti"  Hell's Kitchen
Chef Kevin Des Chenes:  Chef Wanted
Chef Sandra Flores:  Hell's Kitchen
Top Chef Ron Duprat:  Top Chef
Chopper The Biker Dog:  America's Got Talent
Chris Wallace:  Capture
Christine Brecht:  Big Brother
Christina Scoleri:  Mob Wives Chicago
Clarissa Burt:  Survivor Italy
Corie Maue:  Cupcake Wars
Cristina Coria:  Survivor Cook Islands
Dan Ryan:  Hell's Kitchen
Danielle Reyes:  Big Brother
Dara "The Bow Girl" Yu :  MasterChef Junior
David Olsen:  Beauty and the Geek
Dennis Luciani:  Average Joe
Devin Shepherd:  Big Brother
Doc Nigh:  Fireball Run Adventurally
Donny Thompson:  Big Brother
Dr Nikki Noce:  Utopia USA
Erwin "Cho Brothers":  The Amazing Race
EJ Snyder:  Naked & Afraid
Elise Mayfield:  MasterChef
Elvis Strange:  Bullrun
Godwin "Cho Brothers":  The Amazing Race
Hayden Voss:  Big Brother
Hayley Keel:  The Amazing Race
Holly Hoffman:  Survivor Nicaragua
Hollywood Gene:  The Glass House
Gillian Larson:  Survivor Gabon
Jackson Carter:  The Biggest Loser
James Wallington:  Capture
James "Fifi Frost" Swift:  Utopia USA
Jeffrey Marx:  The Glass House
Jerry Garrison:  The OCD Project
"Jimmy T" Tarantino:  Survivor Nicaragua
Jodi Wincheski:  The Amazing Race
John Carroll:  Survivor Marquesas
Jon "The Clowns" Weiss:  The Amazing Race
Kelly Alemi Cowan:  The Swan
Kendra Guffey:  Pirate Master
Lance Zeno:  Retired NFL
Laura Thompson-Nelson:  Tethered
Lauren Solomon:  The Bachelor
Liza Stinton:  Big Brother Canada
Mat Levy:  I Love New York & I Love Money
McCrae Olson:  Big Brother
Melody Pinkerton:  Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair
Michelle "Portuguese Princess" Costa:  Big Brother
Missy Payne:  Survivor San Juan del Sur
Murtz Jaffer:  Reality Obsessed
Neleh Dennis:  Survivor Marquesas
Nicole Franzel:  Nig Brother
Nina Acosta:  Survivor One World
Nora Schweihs:  Mob Wives Chicago
Pam Geil:  The Biggest Loser
Peter Brown:  Big Brother Canada
Phillip Sheppard:  Survivor Redemption Island
Rachel Briese:  Ready For Love
Reba "Clara" Nigh:  Fireball Run Adventurally
Rebecca Wallington:  Capture
Renae Virata:  Ready For Love
Richard Manicini:  Chef Wanted & Hell's Kitchen
Chef Rob Burmeister:  Chopped & Cutthroat Kitchen
Ryan Allen Carrillo:  Expedition Impossible
Sarah Miller:  Big Brother Canada
Sasha Horne:  Whodunnit?
Sheila "Big She" Kennedy:  Big Brother
Spencer Clawson:  Big Brother
Chef Steve Cazel:  Cutthroat Kitchen
Steve Smith:  Bar Rescue
Suzette Amaya:  Big Brother Canada & Back in the Day
Trish Hegarty: Survivor Cagayan
Troy Glass:  MasterChef Junior
Will Jardell:  America's Next Top Model
Xiomara Hall:  Supermarket Superstar