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A Suite Stay in Temecula, Southern California Wine Country

Monday, January 25, 2016 9:00 PM

Temecula? Where is Temecula? If you guessed that Temecula Valley is South of Los Angeles and North of San Diego you would be correct. This burgeoning wine country boasts a Mediterranean climate along with a small town feel despite having a population of over 100,000 people. Deciding where to stay in Temecula all depends on what your plans are when you are in town. I've chosen two all-suite hotels to call home while I am in town. Both are walking distance to Old Town Temecula and easy driving distance to over 30 wineries plus an emerging Craft Beer scene. It's easy access to all that Temecula has to offer.

The first place I'll be calling home in Temecula is Springhill Suites, a Marriott Hotel on Jefferson Avenue. About 1/2 a mile from the start of Old Town, 10 minutes on foot.

This will be my first time at a Springhill Suites, so I am not sure what to expect. After parking my car and entering the lobby, I am happily surprised. The lobby is quite modern and looks to be a nice place to gather for the afternoon social or continental breakfast they offer to all guests.
Check in complete, now it is time to see the room I will be in for a couple of nights. Will it match the lobby? I hope so.
It absolutely does. Check it out. Very modern and well thought out space. The bedroom is separated from a small living room by a workstation that doubles as a wall. The frosted windows slide open if you want to increase visibility or keep them closed to separate your "work" from your sleeping area.

The living room itself is very nice with a modern and comfortable sofa, perfect for lounging while watching a little TV as you wind down from your day.

The bathroom is split into two separate rooms. One is for the toilet while the other has the shower. Nice if you have company over or are sharing the room with someone. Both rooms have a sink, so they are self-contained.

The Springhill Suites offers another couple of perks that may come in handy during my stay. There is a small fitness room for guests to use and an inside and an outdoor pool depending on the weather. Not bad wouldn't you say?

For my other choice of where to stay in Temecula Valley, I move next door to the Hampton Inn & Suites Temecula. Rated as having top customer service by TripAdvisor the Hampton Inn & Suites is also just 1/2 mile from Old Town.

The rooms at the Hampton Inn & Suites are huge. Easily 3/4 the size of my Vancouver condo. When I first walk in all I notice is how much room I have. There is enough space for a morning Yoga session, and I wouldn't even have to move any furniture.

There is also a wet bar complete with mini fridge, microwave, sink and of course, a coffee machine. Along with coffee, there was some complimentary microwave popcorn which came in handy when I got the munchies later on.

The bathroom is also spacious with plenty of room, whether you are one or two sharing it.

The hotel also has a small fitness room and pool, but the feature I used was the guest laundry facility. Traveling light I am usually required to do laundry once a week while on the road, and the facilities here meant I could do them while I worked away on my laptop.

These are just a couple of options of where to stay in Temecula Valley when you are planning your visit. You can stay out near the vineyards, but I loved it near Old Town as there are some fun shops to explore and the walk is only ten minutes which is perfect after dinner to help digest and relax.

You may not get ocean views in Temecula, but it is still California and when the sun shines it sure is pretty.