Spotlight on Service

The Temecula Experience

Temecula Valley will build a reputation for being the wine country of Southern California. It is most uniquely noted for its casual and picturesque wine region that inspires a wide variety of events, attractions and amenities -creating a robust destination. A place where people make connections, refresh and have fun. While each visit promises a rich, new experience, it's always enhanced by the sunny, relaxed spirit synonymous with Southern California.

Mission Statement:

Create a memorable experience for guests visiting Southern California Wine Country, by offering warm, gracious, and definitive guest service, inspiring our guests to visit again.

Core Service Principles:

  • Sincerity  -  Offer genuine and intentional service, because you enjoy and desire to satisfy the customer.

  • Enthusiasm  -  Passionately serve the customer. Make sure it comes from your heart.

  • Respect  -  Treat each customer with reverence.  They are the cornerstone of your job.

  • Vision  -  Commit to anticipating and recognizing what the customer will need, before they communicate it.

  • Intervention  -  Immediately resolve customer problems with grace and professionalism.  You are empowered to ensure customer is happy before they leave the property.

  • Care  -  Be accountable and responsible to provide consistent sustained service levels.

  • Enjoyment  -  Enjoy your customers and your workplace, as your mood is contagious to those around you.

Service Commitments:

  • I will make the customer feel valued and appreciated.
  • I will ensure the customer knows I am happy to serve them.
  • I will make customer happy they have selected my company over the competitor.
  • I will earn my customer's patronage, referrals and loyalty.
  • I will welcome the customer as if a guest in my own home.
  • I will never inconvenience a customer.
  • I will be genuine in service in order to obtain the customer's repeat business.
  • I will create a total care experience by anticipating the customer's needs.
  • I will inform the customer that it was a pleasure to care for them.

Spotlight on Service Award Winners 2012

Date            Nominee Name            Company                                        Title

Jan 02         Cathi Stark                      Pottery Barn                                       Assistant Store Manager 

Jan 08         William "Billy" Hornaday  Raviolis Osteria Murrieta                    Server

Jan 08         "Lefty" Lesley Aquino    Mo's Egg House                                 Waitress 

Jan 16         Breann Ison                   Romano's Macaroni Grill                     Bartender

Jan 24         Vincent Campos            AT&T Mobility                                      Sales Consultant

Jan 26         Fiore Giorgianni             Meritage at Callaway Winery              Server

Feb 14         Bren Deebus                 Lorimar Winery                                   Wine Sales

Mar 08        Sean Suthers                 South Coast Winery & Resort            Food Service Professional

Mar 21       Salvador Hernandez Jr.  Sorrell Restaurant/Bistro                    Server/Busser

Apr 17       Anabel Chavez               The Bank Mexican Restaurant            Waitress

Apr 30       Katie McRae                    La Cocina Bar & Grill                          Head Server

Jun 18       Shelby Jordan                The Customer Service Experts           CS Ambassador

Jun 21       Mike Miles                       Grapeline WC Shuttle                           Driver

Jun 21      Melissa McKnight            Grapeline WC Shuttle                           Driver

Jun 21    Barry Bushatz                  Stryder Transportation                         Driver

Jun 21    Ferril Gray                        Magical Adventures                             Driver

Jun 21   Gigi DiBernardo                 E.A.T. Marketplace                              Associate

Jun 21   Scott Kiralla                        Friar Tux                                             Associate

Jul 28    Ashley Scott                       The Lazy Dogg Cafe                           Server

Jul 31    Amy Pruett                          Europa Village Winery                        Concierge

Aug 13   Jeffrey Sherwood            Soro's Mediterranean Grill                  Manager

Aug 21   Kathy Garwood                South Coast Winery & Resort            Lead Locker Room Attendant

Aug 23   Aubree Creamer               BJ's Restaurant                                  Server

Sep 12   Derek Adams                    Red Lobster                                        Server 

Dec 31   Zachary Ethan                  Miramonte Winery                              Server/Pourer & Tour Guide 

Spotlight on Service Award Winners 2011

Date            Nominee Name            Company                                          

January       Sean Suthers                 South Coast Winery Resort & Spa     

February      Julie Brooks                   Chili's Bar & Grill                                 

March           Katrina Arnold               Claim Jumper                                      

April              Becky Jagoda               Leonesse Cellars                                

May               David Owthwaite         Weins Family Cellars                         

June              Mary Goulette               Shakey's Pizza                                   

July               Cassandra Resewehr  Keyways Vineyard & Winery             

August          Diane Flynn                  South Coast Winery Resort & Spa      

September    Salvador Herrera         Viva Vino                                             

October        Sonya Dopp                  Misson Oaks National Bank                 

November      Noah Churchill            Quality Inn                                            

December      Matthew Miller            Front Street Bar & Grill                         

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